Inmates at St. Louis jail set fire, destroy windows, for third time in weeks

Posted 25 days ago


Inmates at a St. Louis jail rioted on Saturday morning over a variety of concerns, setting fires and throwing debris to the street below as corrections officers worked for almost eight hours to end the "extremely violent" group.

The riot at the St. Louis City Justice Center ended shortly before 10 a.m., but only after the prisoners had spent hours throwing a stationary bike, chairs, mattresses and other things to the streets below, some of the items burning.

Dozens of people gathered to watch the riot and efforts to contain it. Flames could also be seen just inside the windows.

"Even though our automated P. A. system would indicate that the cells are locked, they are in fact not locked and so other detainees were able to get out of their cells and into the unit," St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards told KDSK.

Corrections officers used tear gas to regain control and had all 115 inmates involved in the riot back in custody.

The inmates claimed that they were fed up with conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as a series of restrictions that limited visits and stalled court proceedings, officials said.

Dozens of inmates had already been transferred from t... (Read more)

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