National Guard says there were 'no confrontations' with protesters during Biden inauguration

Posted 41 days ago


There were "no confrontations" between National Guard members and any protesters during President Biden’s inauguration ceremony outside the U. S. Capitol, National Guard spokeswoman Darla Torres told Fox News in a statement Thursday.

It’s not clear how many protesters showed up in the nation’s capital, though a heavily militarized presence in downtown Washington, D. C., likely deterred any large gatherings from coming together.

Up to 26,000 National Guard troops were deployed across the nation’s capital ahead of the inauguration of the 46th president.

There were also thousands of police officers, sheriffs and constables from across the country who participated in protecting Washington, D. C.  Law enforcement officers from NYPD to Calhoun County, Texas were among those lining 15th Street -- one block from the White House Wednesday.

The Guard declined to comment about when some of those guardsmen will begin heading home.

"We are here at the request of federal agencies and will stay as long as we are needed to meet their requirements. If we have excess capability and capacity, we want to get those soldiers and airmen back home to their families and employers as soon as we can," Torres added.

The National Guard said it is coordinating with federal law enforcement to meet any continuing requirements while simultaneously working the logistics to return Guard members to their home states, families and employers.

"Our ability to move 26,000 Soldiers and Airmen to DC from every state and territory in less than two weeks would not have been possible without the support of our governors and their adjutants general," Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard, said in a statement. "It speaks volumes about America’s investment in the National Guard; and most importantly, the support our service members get from their family and their employers."

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