CNN exec roasted for declaring Biden’s inauguration fireworks ‘inspire our friends and shake our foes’

Posted 42 days ago


A CNN executive was lampooned on social media Wednesday night after the liberal network’s top spokesperson claimed a fireworks display celebrating the inauguration of President Joe Biden will "inspire our friends and shake our foes."

CNN spent the majority of Wednesday gushing over Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ every move while constantly mocking the previous administration. The Biden administration already has an extremely cozy relationship with CNN, as former CNN global affairs analyst Antony Blinken has been selected to serve as secretary of state and Jen Psaki left her contributor gig at CNN to serve as press secretary.

CNN’s head of communications Matt Dornic amped up the praise while watching fireworks that capped off the Inauguration Day events.

"This team truly understands optics. These images will inspire our friends and shake our foes," Dornic tweeted to accompany an image of a fireworks display from Biden’s inauguration.

The tweet was swiftly roasted by critics, with many pointing out that there have been similar firework prese... (Read more)

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