Liberal WaPo columnist says Biden TV coverage 'embarrassingly complimentary' at times

Posted 43 days ago


Media columnist for The Washington Post Margaret Sullivan in a Thursday article reflected on the press during the Trump administration and offered advice for how journalists should cover Joe Biden in the coming years.

Mainstream media coverage of the Biden inauguration was very admiring, often including jabs at the outgoing president. Sullivan acknowledged commentary from TV broadcasters "was at times embarrassingly complimentary."

She wrote, "Maybe that’s fine for a day or two" and then encouraged the media to "show toughness" but also avoid "the desire to appear combative and to blow things out of proportion to demonstrate toughness."

She said, in the past, that "grandstanding" from the press included "the vast and shameful overplaying of the Hillary Clinton email scandal during the 2016 campaign."

Sullivan also argued the national press became "better" during the Trump administration and shouldn’t change now that Joe Biden is in office.

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