Journalists Celebrate The End Of Trump’s Presidency, Shower Joe Biden With Praise

Posted 43 days ago


Coverage of the presidency changed quickly when Biden was declared winner of the 2020 election in November. Members of the press touted Biden’s “delightfully boring” administration, obsessed over the return of pets to the White House and pondered about his socks, among other fluff pieces.

Inauguration Day proved no different, with the media openly praising the new president and giving Americans a continued taste of what the next four years will likely look like.

At CNN, correspondents had a lot to say about Biden. CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett made sure to tell viewers that Biden was wearing Ralph Lauren while White House correspondent John Harwood made several comparisons to former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

Trump, Harwood wrote, represents “lies,” “ignorance,” “amorality,” “cruelty” and “corruption.” Biden, on the other hand, received glowing reviews, with Harwood writing that he represents “truth,” “knowledge,” “decency,” “empathy” and “public service.”

“There’s an air of cleansing about today,” CNN anchor and chief national correspondent John King declared.

Fox 11 News anchor Elex Michaelson had a weather comparison for his Twitter followers regarding Biden’s inauguration, tweeting that “it started to rain” after Trump was sworn in and “the clouds cleared & the sun came out” moments after Biden’s inauguration.

“Not sure if this is a sign or just a coincidence … but …,” Michaelson wondered.

Asawin Suebsaeng, a reporter for The Daily Beast, wrote that “Biden now serves in two (2) historic White House’s. First time, he was the first vp for the first Black president. Second time, he is the first USA president to take over after a racist dipshit gameshow host.”

Suebsaeng later walked back his comments and said that they were made in jest, intended “to make fun, in part, of people on cable tv calling this a historic new presidency.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post’s national political reporter Matt Viser noted that Biden and his... (Read more)

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