City official posts image likening Thin Blue Line flag to Nazi flag on Facebook. But she says her intent wasn't anti-cop.

Posted 43 days ago


A city official in central Michigan is under fire over her Facebook post containing an image depicting the pro-police Thin Blue Line flag peeled back to reveal a Nazi flag — along with text that reads, "Reading beneath the lines..."

Amy Perschbacher, vice mayor of Mount Pleasant, said she removed the post after an outcry over it, adding that her intent was misunderstood and that it was all a big mistake, the Morning Sun reported.

"I was at no time disrespecting law enforcement or military," she told the paper by email. "I was referring to the attempt [sic] coup where individuals, carrying flags of blue line, confederate, and Nazi symbols, attacked our nation's capital and law enforcement, killing one officer."

Perschbacher told the Morning Sun that her actions were "careless."

"I have removed this post from my Facebook, and I do hope that you can forgive my careless posting," she noted, the paper said. "I allowed my emotions to get the better of me."

Perschbacher, a mental health specialist, noted to the Detroit News that she "didn't think this through very ... (Read more)