Edward Snowden, Joe Exotic Whine That Trump Did Not Pardon Them

Posted 43 days ago


Two individuals who reportedly sought pardons from President Donald Trump vented online on Wednesday when they did not get one.

“I am not at all disappointed to go unpardoned by a man who has never known a love he had not paid for,” Snowden snarked on Twitter. “But what supporters of his remain must never forgive that this simpering creature failed to pardon truth-tellers in far more desperate circumstances.”

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs wrote the following about Snowden last month:

In June 2013, Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, stole more American national secrets than anyone else in American history. He then took the 1.5 million files of highly classified intelligence to America’s adversaries: China, then Russia. Those doubting that Snowden really is as bad as his reputation, however, should read the 2015 report from the bipartisan House Committee on Intelligence. The report shows Snowden is indisputably not a patriotic hero who bravely champions the cause of civil liberties. Instead, he is a gigantic busybody.

The report documents allegations that Snowden is a liar, a traitor, and a “disgruntled-employee” who “stole military secrets and made many of them public.” The report further notes that there are no records of Snowden ever trying to go through the proper channels to document his concerns.

The congressional report highlighted just a small sample of Snowden’s alleged poor character:

He claimed to have left Army basic training because of broken legs when in fact he washed out because of shin splints. He claimed to have obtained a high school degree equivalent when in fact he never did. He claimed to have worked for the CIA as a ‘senior advisor,’ which was a gross exaggeration of his entry-level duties as a computer technician. He also doctored his performance evaluations and obta... (Read more)

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