Republican lawmaker touts his 'majority-minority' office, says it 'represents the new age of the GOP’

Posted 44 days ago


Freshman GOP Rep. Byron Donalds is touting his "majority-minority office," saying his staff represents the "new age" of the Republican Party.

Donalds, R-Fla., who is the first Black congressman from Florida’s 19th Congressional District, told Fox News that his office "defies identity politics."

"In 1871, Josiah T. Walls was the first Black Republican to represent Florida in Congress, and 150 years later, I am proud to carry the mantle as the first Black congressman from Florida's 19th Congressional District," Donalds told Fox News. "As I begin my first term in the 117th Congress, my office defies identity politics as a Republican congressional office that is majority-minority."

The majority of staffers in his office are minorities and women. Donalds told Fox News that his staff "represents the GOP's future and is a testament to our party's success in broadening its reach to communities of color, a goal of mine as a passionate conservative and American."

"The Republican Party is the party of faith, freedom, opportunity to reach the American Dream — ideals that transcend race and gender," Donalds said.

Harrison Fields, Donald’s director of Communications, told Fox News that the GOP is "shifting and bringing in more of a dynamic demographic."

"Listen, historically, people automatically assume — and say, ‘Wait, you’re a Republican? You realize you’re Black, right?’" Fields told Fox News.

"Yes, I realize I’m Black, but I also align with these principles," Fields added. "Liberty and constitutional rights are the platform of GOP — we’re all about giving you more rights, not taking them away."

"We are programmed to believe that your identity automatically defines your politics, Congressman Donalds’ office puts an end to that way of thinking," Field said. "The Democratic Party and the media have controlled the narrative that says if you’re a person of color or a women the Republican Party isn’t for you—this is the complete opposite."

"My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is Black — my family is splintered, one side is more Democrat, the other is more conservative," he explained. "But you have to follow whatever principles are in your heart, and not so much the color of your skin."

He added: "It is whatever is in your heart and how you feel is what should drive you."

And Donalds’ legislative correspondent Jalen Johnson said that he believes "that the individual is the greatest fighting force, not the government."

"I believe that life from womb to tomb is sacred and important as anything else. I believe in lower taxes, higher wages for American workers and limited government," Johnson said. "We have seen time and time again how socialis... (Read more)