CNN anchor shocked by CNN poll finding only 1 of 5 Republicans think Biden is legit

Posted 44 days ago


CNN, the most anti-Trump cable channel, stuck to its playbook Sunday in bringing on NeverTrumpers to bash the soon-to-be-former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Host Ana Cabrera discussed with conservative pundits and fellow CNN personalities Margaret Hoover and John Avlon, a new poll which CNN commissioned, that showed just 19 percent of Republicans surveyed believe Democrat Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election.

Just as newsy is what CNN didn't reveal about its poll.

Cabrera said the results "just about took my breath away."

"It shows only 19 percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden won the election legitimately, compared to 75 percent of Republicans who believe he didn't." To which Cabrera added, "Margaret, this is apparently the new fringe of your party, the 19% who believe the election was legitimate. How is that possible?"

Hoover replied with the appropriate contempt for "her" party. "There is nothing defensible; the fact that such a small number of people in that particular poll registered as understanding the truth as it happened in this current election," Hoover said.

"What it yields, Ana, is, I think, a real reckoning with in the Republican Party, which is the Republican party is going to have to look at itself in the mirror and recognize that there is a rot in the party. A rot that has been happening under our noses during Donald Trump."

Hoover continued, "There are NeverTrumpers who have known this has been happening. But there are many reasonable Republicans who decided to go along with the flow, to take the tax cuts, to take the judges, to take the policies, and to ignore the Twitter, to ignore the rhetoric, to ignore the rallies, and forget what was actually being fomented under the guise of this president, which was a radical extremism that was creating and making Donald Trump the leader of a white extremist movement, under the guise of the Republican Party in this country, and there is a real reckoning that Republicans are going to have to begin."

"To the extent that the media has covered a Republican civil war in the past, they've got nothing on what's coming," she concluded.

But what CNN didn't tell viewers about its poll was that suspicions about the legitimacy of Biden's victory are broader than the network acknowledged.

For one thing, in its methodology, CNN explained that only 26 percent of those polled were Republicans, the smallest ratio among the three groups surveyed, including Democrats and people who identified as Independents or members of another party. Perhaps if they had asked more GOP members, the 19 percent figure would be h... (Read more)