Durbin Says Senators ‘Have To Follow Their Own Conscience’ On Trump Impeachment

Posted 44 days ago


Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin told CNN anchor Jake Tapper Sunday that Senate members “have to follow their own conscience” on President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Durbin told Tapper on CNN’s “State of The Union” that he doesn’t know how members of his own caucus will vote to convict Trump.

“I don’t know the answer to that. We haven’t whipped it. I would agree with Senator [Mitch] McConnell in this respect, it is an issue of conscience,” Durbin said.

“We will of course try to find out how members feel, but in terms of arm twisting, when it comes to impeachment, you don’t do that,” Durbin said.

McConnell, the Senate majority leader, told Republican senators that they should vote how they want in Trump’s impeachment trial, which will not occur before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Business Insider reported on Saturday.

“His message to me was this would clearly be a vote of conscience,” Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota  told Business Insider during an interview. “He’s always been respectful of members that way.”

The House voted on Jan. 13 to impeach Trump a second time with a vote of 232-197, charging him with a single article of “incitement of insurrection.... (Read more)