Union City Officials Denounce 'White Lives Matter' Banner Found at Busy Intersection Saturday

Posted 45 days ago


UNION CITY (CBS SF) — A large home-made banner that reads “White Lives Matter” was taken down by the Union City police Saturday morning and while it wasn’t the first time such a banner had appeared in the city, the mayor said the timing was what made it even more troubling.

“It’s certainly very insensitive, again, because of the context, the insurrection at our national Capitol, as well as this is the weekend where we honor and celebrate Martin Luther King Junior and his life,” said Union City Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci.

The mayor worried the banner would incite violence since law enforcement is already on high alert and concerned about violence leading up to the presidential inauguration.

Someone hung the banner at the corner of Smith and Dyer Streets. Police took it down around 9 a.m. The mayor said any banner there would require a city permit and permission. The site is located across from the Union Landing Shopping Center, and it may be the busiest intersection in the city.

“So whoever put it up wanted to get people’s attention,” said Neil Prasad, who lives across the street from where the banner was hanging.

The president of the Hayward South Alameda County NAACP chapter Freddye Davis said whoever made the sign doesn’t understand the phrase “Black Lives Matter.... (Read more)