Trump allies warn Republicans they risk political peril if they back impeachment

Posted 8 days ago


White House allies are urging Republican lawmakers not to vote to impeach President Trump in an attempt to stem a trickle of defections by warning that they risk losing critical voters in battleground states if they turn against their leader.

A survey conducted by Trump's campaign pollster in the days after protesters stormed the U. S. Capitol found that people in swing states overwhelmingly want Congress to focus on battling the coronavirus, not impeachment.

But other Republicans say Trump’s appeal as an election-winning machine has evaporated after the party lost the White House and sabotaged hopes of holding two Senate seats in Georgia, and other opinion polls suggest that a majority of voters support impeachment.

It leaves lawmakers facing a familiar decision: weighing the power that Trump continues to hold over a swath of voters against his shortcomings — this time in the way he peddled claims, unsupported by court rulings or his own Department of Justice, about a stolen election that erupted into violence last week.

A poll conducted by John McLaughlin sampled 800 voters in 17 states considered competitive by the Trump campaign.

It found that 60% of voters thought it was a “waste of time” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to try to impeach and remove the president before Inauguration Day. Impeaching him after Joe Biden was sworn in would be a politically motivated effort to prevent him from running again, according to 74% of all voters.

In a memo based on the polling, McLaughlin said, “Voters strongly prefer that Congress deal with fighting coronavirus and not impeachment.

“Impeachment is viewed as a waste of time and money. Voters believe that the Democrats are playing politics and that continuing to attack the President is making it worse.”

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