National veterans groups plan to purge members found guilty in Capitol attack

Posted 8 days ago


WASHINGTON — Multiple veterans and service members are being investigated for their roles in the mob takeover of the U. S. Capitol building Wednesday, and at least two national veterans organizations want to ensure they’re not on their membership lists.

Disabled American Veterans, which has 1 million members nationwide, condemned the riots Saturday and announced its intent to remove any members found guilty in the attack. Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, resulting in five deaths.

“[W]e are saddened that any veteran would desecrate our nation’s capital and will take immediate action to initiate the removal of any DAV member found guilty of committing illegal acts against our nation,” said Butch Whitehead, national commander of DAV. “Such behavior is a disgrace to our national values and must not be tolerated.”

AMVETS, which has 250,000 members, decided to do the same. Any member who engaged in violence at the Capitol on Wednesday will be expelled from the organization by their local post, said Joe Chenelly, executive director of AMVETS.

So far, neither group has identified members who were part of the attacks.

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