Monolith disappears, rock pile and mini pyramid now in its place

Posted 53 days ago


SALT LAKE CITY — The mystery continues for Utah's favorite (unlikely) sign of alien contact.

The monolith, a 12-foot tall vertical, metal prism, has disappeared from the red rocks of the southeastern desert late Friday evening, according to Bureau of Land Management spokesperson Kimberly Finch. In its place remains a pile of rocks and a smaller pyramid made from, what appears to be, the same material.

On Nov. 18 Utah Department of Public Safety officers were counting Big Horn Sheep in the area on a helicopter when they were distracted by the large, shiny object. After taking video of officials investigating the structure, and risking being transported into another dimension, a social media frenzy began. Even Stephen Colbert made a lovely Utah tourism video under the monolith's command.

Officials never publicly disclosed the monolith's location out of concern that inexperienced hikers and alien enthusiasts would travel to the remote area of the desert and get lost or injured. This is why many initially pointed fingers at the BLM for removing the monolith.

Finch said because the structure is on public lands it is considered private property, meaning the BLM does not have the authorization to remove it. She said it is unknown who removed it and is being investigated by the sheriff's office in San Juan County.

Utah helicopter pilot Ryan Bacher was among the last to see the monolith ... (Read more)