Trump: Leaders Called on Election Night to Congratulate, Then Votes Came in 'Dumps'

Posted 53 days ago


President Donald Trump said that world leaders called to congratulate him on Election Night but then, according to him, votes came in “dumps,” while adding that his team will appeal recent court losses to the U. S. Supreme Court.

“All of a sudden,” he said in a Fox Business interview Sunday, “I went from winning by a lot to losing by a little” in key states.

“Many foreign leaders are calling me saying that’s the most messed up election we’ve ever seen,” Trump later said.

The president cited allegations of voter fraud in irregularities made by poll watchers in Pennsylvania, as an example, asserting that observers for the GOP were “thrown out” of vote-tabulation centers on Nov. 3 and beyond.

“Poll watchers are very important,” Trump said, adding that they “got thrown out of buildings” in some areas, namely in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Detroit. “Poll watchers were walked out … by thugs,” the president remarked.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits” from witnesses who said they saw fraud or irregularities. “These are respected people … these are people whose lives are at risk,” Trump said, adding that judges in some battleground states told him that he doesn’t have “standing” to make the claim.

Poll observers Justin Kweder and Kim Peterson—two witnesses at the Pennsylvania GOP Senate hearing—testified that they couldn’t properly observe anything at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

“The Philadelphia Board of Elections processed hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots with zero civilian oversight or observation,” Kweder said.

Trump then claimed that some ballots in areas had Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s name filled in and no other candidates.

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