Melania is 'in discussions about writing a White House memoir'

Posted 59 days ago


Melania Trump is reportedly considering writing a memoir about her time in the White House and the president is said to be encouraging her, after her ex-best friend released a tell-all book painting her in a negative light.

A source told Page Six the notoriously private First Lady is holding meetings on a potential book deal to spill all about her four years inside the walls of the White House.

They said Melania was 'not done, or going as quietly as you might expect' and was interested in the chance to earn money 'on her own'.

Former White House inhabitants typically make for lucrative publishing opportunities and earlier this month sources said Donald Trump was being offered deals worth around $100 million.

Trump is 'encouraging' his wife to pursue the opportunity to put her experiences down on page, the source told Page Six.

The insider said that the recent, explosive book from Melania's ex-best friend and adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was a factor in the First Lady's considerations to get her side of the story across.

'In the wake of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's betrayal, in both print and on secret tapes, Melania's story could be worth big money,' they added.

Wolkoff released her memoir about working with Melania, 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady', back in September.

The book revealed several embarrassing stories about the First Lady and detailed claims of a tense and bitter rivalry between her and her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump.

Wolkoff claims in the book that Melania plotted to keep the First Daughter out of photos of Trump being sworn in on his inauguration in a scheme dubbed 'Operation Block Ivanka.'

Elsewhere in the book Wolkoff claims Melania laughed during the 2016 campaign after the infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape came out and revealed Trump saying he liked to grab women 'by the p****.'

In the book, Wolkoff also said Melania uses a p... (Read more)