'The President Has Clear Paths to Victory:' Michael Flynn

Posted 59 days ago


Gen. Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser for President Donald Trump who was pardoned by the president, said that Trump has clear paths to victory.

“The president has clear paths to victory,” he said during an interview with WVW-Tv.

He added that it doesn’t require a lot of courtroom action but will require Americans to come forward to tell their stories.

Hundreds and hundreds of Americans in different states are coming forward, Flynn said, with 10 to 12 new affidavits from one state received just on Saturday.

“We’re not in this to lose these battles, we’re in this to win these battles. I believe we’re going to win. I’m confident because we have the right people and the right plan and strategy,” he stated.

Various posts by Flynn on social media suggest that he works closely with Sidney Powell—his lead attorney since 2019—who is focusing on the alleged fraud related to voting machines and claims that voting software companies have been involved in a transnational conspiracy to overturn the election.

Currently, there are several teams or individuals working on the legal battle for Trump’s re-election in battleground states. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is leading the Trump campaign’s legal team. Powell is leading another legal effort and working independently. Some state Republican committees and individual Republicans have also joined these legal fights.

In Pennsylvania, a judge ruling may clear a narrow path for a Trump victory in the Keystone state.

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough wrote in an opinion (pdf) on Friday that the Republican argument that the mail-in voting conducted in the recent general election was unconstitutional may win the case, according to Act 77. She wrote to explain her rationale for her injunction blo... (Read more)

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