BREAKING: Georgia To Certify Biden After Recount

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Posted 9 days ago


A manual recount of nearly 5 million ballots cast in Georgia showed Thursday that Joe Biden won the presidential election, validating initial results.

The recount found that Biden received 12,284 more votes than President Donald Trump.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger plans to certify the election by Friday, a deadline set by state law to finalize results.

The hand recount, which also functioned as an audit of the election, mostly aligned with initial machine counts. It also uncovered almost 6,000 ballots in four counties that had been overlooked in the initial tally, resulting in Trump closing his deficit to Biden by 1,400 votes.

Both counts found the same outcome: Thousands more voters in Georgia chose Biden than Trump.

Trump gained ground in the manual recount, picking up about 500 votes compared to unofficial estimates of the machine count by the secretary of state’s office.

The recount and audit, ordered by Raffensperger last week, was a major effort to verify the results of the presidential election.

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