Trump administration announces vaccine deal for long-term care facilities

Posted 9 days ago


Two national pharmacy chains will administer an eventual coronavirus vaccine to high-risk groups.

The Trump administration announced Friday a deal with CVS and Walgreens to administer a future coronavirus vaccine to seniors and staff in long-term care facilities with no out-of-pocket cost.

President Donald Trump — who polls show is trailing Joe Biden among Americans over 65 — referenced the deal in a Florida speech on “protecting seniors” Friday afternoon.

“Since the beginning our nation’s seniors have been my top priority,” Trump said during an event with seniors at an indoor conference hall where a notable number did not wear masks. “Today I’m thrilled to announce we just finalized a partnership with CVS and Walgreens ... to immediately deliver the vaccine directly to nursing homes at no cost to our seniors,” he added.

Under the arrangement, the companies would send personnel into the facilities to provide the inoculations in-house. It will be up to the retail pharmacies to schedule and coordinate the on-site clinics with each facility. The administration did not disclose the size of the deal.

The announcement comes as health officials race to fulfill Trump's vow that all vulnerable Americans will get a coronavirus vaccine for free. Yet, this deal would only cover the narrow slice of seniors who live in long-term care facilities, meaning millions of Medicare beneficiaries are still at risk of being charged out of pocket for the cost of administering a vaccine.

HHS has spent the last several weeks searching for ways to expand no-cost coverage to the rest of the Medicare population, people familiar with the discussions said, but have not yet settled on a solution.

Providing a vaccine will take careful coordination. Some of the leading vaccine candidates will require two shots, and officials will need to ensure that people receive the same one. The healt... (Read more)