Hundreds of Trump supporters parade down Route 30

Posted 39 days ago


A convoy of hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles paraded down Route 30 on Sunday, with horns blaring, flags waving and shouts of “four more years.”

The parade, and the ensuing rally at Irwin Park, was held to support the reelection of President Trump.

Bruce Egan of North Huntingdon drove an antique tow truck decked out in Trump flags, Trump campaign signs and a sign saying “Back the Blue.”

“It’s a way that you can try to keep the country from going to hell,” Egan said. “I think Trump has changed the direction in a lot of ways.”

Egan said he supports Trump’s policies on abortion and immigration.

Mark Moss of North Huntingdon lives a block away from Egan, but they met for the first time at the parade and struck up a conversation.

Moss said the country is being divided by political extremism, particularly from the left.

“Political animus is rife, even in my own family,” Moss said.

Though he believes it is important to support the president, he didn’t think Sunday’s event would change any Democrats’ minds.... (Read more)