Man tries to set hotel gas pipe on fire, ‘I thought it was the FEDS’

Posted 8 days ago


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland Police arrested a man accused of setting fire to a cloth wrapped around a natural gas pipe connected to a hotel in the Pearl District last week, the first reported act in a bizarre crime spree.

Thursday morning, Sept. 10, Portland Fire & Rescue crews were called to the Marriott Residence Inn on Northwest 9th Street, where they spoke with a woman who said she saw a man next to the natural gas pipe and meter that connects to the side of the hotel. The witness allegedly said she saw what looked like a blanket, on fire, wrapped around the pipe. The witness said at one point the material fell off and the man replaced it, according to court documents.

A hotel employee had already extinguished the fire by the time firefighters got there. The employee said the hotel was about 40% occupied and the room opposite the “wall of the fire was currently occupied,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Portland Police also responded and spoke with a man who said he was standing in the courtyard of the hotel when he saw a man trying to get into his car. The witness yelled at the suspect who allegedly kicked his car, denting it, and knocking off the backup sensor.

Police were provided photos of the fire on the side of the hotel and the man walking away, according to court documents.

Just minutes after crews arrived at the hotel, a different officer responded to a weapons threat a few blocks away on Northwest Marshall Street. A woman said she was sitting in her car when a man walked up, started yelling, then threw a rock at her win... (Read more)