Cynthia Nixon says J.K. Rowling's comments on gender were 'really painful' for her trans son

Posted 14 days ago


Cynthia Nixon is speaking out about J. K. Rowling's recent comments on gender and transgender identity.

In June, the "Harry Potter" scribe came under fire for mocking an article with a deadline mentioning "people who menstruate."

The 55-year-old author took to Twitter to urge writers to use the term "women," irking the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, who found the comments to be transphobic.

Rowling has addressed the controversy a number of times, as have Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

A ripple effect is still being felt by some, however, as is the case for Nixon's son, who is transgender.

In an interview with The Independent, Nixon, 54, revealed that her 23-year-old son Samuel found the comments to be "really painful."

“It was really painful for him because so much of his childhood was tied up with Harry Potter. We’re a Harry Potter family," explained the former "Sex and the City" star. "The books seem to be about championing people who are different, so for her to select this one group of people who are obviously different and s... (Read more)