Georgia Secretary of State sends nearly 100 cases of possible voter fraud to attorney general

Posted 14 days ago


ATLANTA — Georgia’s Secretary of State says the investigation process of nearly 100 cases of voter fraud and double voting dating back to 2014 has begun.

Earlier this week, Brad Raffensperger announced his office found nearly 1,000 cases of double voting during the June and August elections statewide alone.

Raffensperger says his office has processed 98 allegations of voter fraud from the 2014 election and 2016 presidential election. The office then referred 21 of those cases to the attorney general’s office.

According to investigators, in two cases, one in Putnam County and one in Murray County, people allegedly voted twice in the November 2016 general elections. In both cases, the voters knowingly took advantage of glitches or poll worker errors to cast a second ballot in the election, Raffensperger said...(Read more)