Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin slammed over op-ed asking, 'Do we even need the Republican Party?'

Posted 45 days ago


In her latest op-ed, published Monday, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin questioned the necessity of the Republican Party.

In the column -- headlined "Do we even need the Republican Party?" -- Rubin made the case that President Trump has sealed the GOP's fate after "years of racism and xenophobia" as a minority dependent on "White grievance and cultural resentment."

"The unpleasant truth for those expected to say 'there are fine people' in both parties is that, aside from a few stray governors and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), there really are not fine people running the Republican Party," she wrote. "They have sold their souls to Trump and either passively or actively bought into white supremacy and religious authoritarianism. They waged war on the Constitution and objective reality. There is nothing redeeming in any of that — or in the right-wing media machine encompassing the deluded true believers and money-hungry charlatans willing to throw red meat to an audience they suppose consists of uneducated bigots."

Rubin, an MSNBC contributor and self-described "conservative blogger," suggested that the "death knell" of the Republican Party came during the 2020 Democratic primary.

"We need a two-party system, but we do not have a two-ideology political culture if the price of admission is a reality-based, decent, inclusive and constitutionally respectful ideology," she explaned. "If ther... (Read more)

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