Detroit police chief 'excited' for continuing relationship with federal law enforcement under Operation Legend

Posted 3 days ago


Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Saturday that his department is in support of the government's plan to send 42 federal agents to his city and is "excited" about their "continued relationship with" their federal law enforcement partners.

In an interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend,"  Craig said what's "disturbing" is that their partnership is "not new."

"Back in December of last year, I stood with Attorney General Barr, stood with the heads of all the DOJ operations, FBI, DEA," he remembered. "And, we stood there as partners. And, we’re still partners. Nothing has changed."

However, according to Craig, what has changed is a "renewed commitment to [enhancing]" their efforts to combat violent crime in their communities.

According to The Detroit Free Press, shootings in the city are up 53 percent and homicides are up 31 percent.

Announced last week, the deployment of these agents is in tandem with the government's Operation Legend initiative -- a program named for 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was killed in his sleep in Kansas City, Mo., at the end of June.

Detroit is just one of many cities across the country which will see an increased presence of federal officers, though The Detroit Free Press says some agents are already working gun investigations in the Motor City.

The team will reportedly focus on five areas of crime including arresting fugitives, gun violence, gang violence, illegal gun use and unlawful possession of guns, and violent drug trafficking."

The federal agents will not police demonstrations and officials have stressed that there are no plans to confront or spirit away prote... (Read more)