Chicago adds 200 police to downtown tourist district because of rise in violent crime: report

Posted 5 days ago


Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, has beefed up the police presence in its downtown tourist district because of a recent rise in violent crime, according to a report.

An additional 200 police officers have been deployed specifically for downtown patrols, police Superintendent David Brown told Chicago’s FOX 32.

“They put together a plan because of the recent uptick and are implementing that plan immediately,” Brown said.

Recent incidents that drew the attention of authorities: Two large groups of men got into a fight Wednesday morning outside the Swisshotel, resulting in a 19-year-old man being hospitalized with a stab wound.

Also Wednesday, a group of people using city bike-sharing Divvy bikes surrounded a vehicle as an 82-year-old driver was being carjacked in the Streeterville district, home to the popular Navy Pier, FOX 32 reported.

In addition, Brian Hopkins, a Second Ward alderman, claims three security guards were recently hospitalized – including on... (Read more)