Pence campaign bus involved in minor accident in PA

Posted 5 days ago


A campaign bus carrying Vice President Pence was involved in a minor accident on Thursday during a tour of Pennsylvania.

An official characterized it as a "minor fender bender," and Pence was moved to the vice presidential limousine to continue on with the planned campaign trip.

The accident happened on a sharp curve along a narrow stretch of road in Allegheny County, and a reporter traveling with Pence reported seeing a dump truck with a scraped-up fender.

A short time after the motorcade began moving again, two police officers on motorcycles involved in the escort went down. Pence got out to check on the officers, who were up and being examined when the motorcade resumed its journey a few minutes later.

Pence is in Pennsylvania on Thursday where he will deliver remarks at a "Cops for Trump" in Greensburg event to highlight support for the president among law enforcement. The vice president will deliver an economic speech in Somerset later in the day at a chemical company before returning to Washington, D. C.

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