Virginia state officials order large American flag taken down amid July 4 protest fears

Posted 30 days ago


Virginia state officials ordered the removal of an American flag from the construction site in Richmond, citing concerns that the flag would become a "target" for protesters this Fourth of July.

The call from the Department of General Services reportedly angered a subcontractor whose company created the flag using tarps in celebration of Independence Day.

“When we saw the flag, we were concerned that it could become a target so we told the contractor to remove it,” department spokeswoman Dena Potter told The Washington Post in an email.

The officials pointed to the recent protests targeting historical statues and monuments that represent what demonstrators say are a part of systemic racism in the U. S.

“Over the past month, we’ve seen buildings and structures around Capitol Square vandalized and flags, dumpsters, a bus and other items set ablaze during demonstrations around the city,” Potter said.

The flag was reportedly as tall as one story in a building and was to be mounted on top of what is a $300 million project in the city.

“Since when is this flag, on this weekend, IN THIS COUNTRY, a Target!!” Eric Winston from American Coatings Corp. wrote on Facebo... (Read more)