Protesters make themselves heard outside IMPD chief’s house early Sunday morning

Posted 6 days ago

From FOX59.COM

INDIANAPOLIS — Black Lives Matter protesters honked horns to make themselves heard early Sunday morning outside Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Randal Taylor’s home.

BLM continues to demand action, not only in the case of Dreasjon Reed, but McHale Rose as well. Both men were shot and killed by IMPD on May 6.

The group gathered at 62nd and Michigan — where Reed was killed — around 5:30 a.m. From there they headed to Chief Taylor’s neighborhood.

They say their voices aren’t heard downtown, so maybe leaders will listen when protesters are at their doorstep. The protesters made a few laps as they honked their horns and made demands. They want the autopsy report in Reed’s death to be released, but they’re asking for more.

“We want the officers to be fired in Dreasjon Reed’s case,” said India... (Read more)

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