Bubba Wallace defends response to garage noose, tells 'Watters' World' he 'wouldn’t have changed anything'

Posted 12 days ago


NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace told "Watters' World" in an interview airing Saturday that "at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have changed anything" about how he handled the discovery of a garage pull rope tied into a noose at his team's Talladega Superspeedway garage.

"NASCAR, I felt, did the right thing ...," Wallace told host Jesse Watters. "It was a noose, everybody has seen the image now.  So, to say we would go back and do things differently, I don’t think so. Maybe word things differently, yes, but I would launch an investigation."

The FBI determined earlier this week that the noose, which was discovered in Wallace's garage on the evening of June 21, had been there as early as October 2019 -- and therefore could not have been meant as a racist gesture toward Wallace, the NASCAR Cup Series' only full-time African-American driver -- who had been assigned that garage stall only for last weekend's race.

On Thursday, NASCAR released an image of the garage door pull rope, and noted that an internal investigation had found that of the 1,684 garage stalls at the circuit's 29 tracks, only 11 had a pull rope tied in a knot. The only noose was the one in Wallace's garage stall.

Wallace said the member of his team who found the noose and reported it to NASCAR "did his research and walked up and down the garages to double-check to make sure that it wasn’t just the symbol... (Read more)