Video: Nick Cannon asks "Can we get rid of the Police?"

Posted 107 days ago


In a recent video, celebrity Nick Cannon discusses the “Defund the Police” movement.

In another he asks “can we get rid of the Police?”

The Independent reports Nick Cannon has joined several celebrities who are using their platforms to denounce police brutality and systemic racism after the killing of George Floyd.

In a conversation with Access Hollywood, the Masked Singer host revealed that his three children – including the two he had with ex-wife Mariah Carey – fear law enforcement.

The 39-year-old began: “My children fear police. It’s a real statement. I didn’t say, ‘You should be.’ I try to teach fearlessness. I try to teach, ‘You have a power within you that you need to fear nothing.’

“But when they see the energy of law enforcement when, ‘Uh oh, here comes the... (Read more)

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