‘Looters Were Flag Burning:’ World War II Flag Stolen From Museum During Riot Returned With Message

Posted 113 days ago


After being stolen from a Reno city hall during riots, an American flag from World War II was returned with a handwritten message, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Following a weekend of rioting, which included burning buildings and smashing windows, an anonymous person returned a World War II Navy Ship flag with a note attached that read: “Needed protecting. Looters were flag burning. RIP George Floyd,” according to the New York Times.

The flag was stolen from a display box on the first floor of City Hall, and officials thought it might’ve been one of the flags burned Saturday. But the flag resurfaced in a package sent to a local television reporter who had written about the missing flag.

Kenzie Margiott, received the flag at the television station she works at, immediately informing Reno’s vice mayor Devon Reese.

A box with my name written in Sharpie was anonymously delivered to the station this afternoon. Inside, the flag from the U. S.S. Ren... (Read more)

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