Adam Carolla mocks CNN's coverage of coronavirus, George Floyd: 'We're all going to die. We're all racist'

Posted 109 days ago


Adam Carolla had some fun at the expense of CNN on Thursday over its recent reporting on the coronavirus outbreak and the George Floyd protests.

CNN has raised eyebrows over the past several months for its wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage, downplaying other major stories like the revelations in the Michael Flynn case and former Vice President Joe Biden's controversial "you ain't black" remarks.

Since last week's death of George Floyd, the network has dedicated constant coverage to the protests and President Trump's response while continuing to sideline other stories like Wednesday's Rod Rosenstein hearing.

The comedian and podcast host took aim at the network on Twitter.

"@CNN presents, Covid-19: The Movie. 'We're all going to die. We're all racist. The End,'" Carolla quipped.

Earlier this week, Carolla called out the network for its inconsistent coverage of shaming those who chose not to abide by the shutdown guidelines to the glowing treatment its anchors have given to George Floyd protesters over the past several days.... (Read more)

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