Southwest flight attendant has emotional conversation about race with passenger revealed as American Airlines CEO

Posted 36 days ago


You never know who you'll meet on a plane.

One Southwest Airlines flight attendant said her spirits are lifted after having a serious, spontaneous discussion about race and current events with a passenger who later revealed himself to be the CEO of American Airlines.

In a now-viral post shared to Facebook on Saturday, Southwest stewardess JacqueRae Hill said that her heart was feeling heavy following the death of George Floyd and protests across the country, per ABC News.

Smiling and greeting passengers on the flight to Panama City, Fla., Hill noticed that a man was carrying a book on her "to-read list."

Later during the trip, the flight attendant approached the passenger to ask what he thought of the tome "White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism."

“He replies ‘Oh I’m halfway through it’s really good. It really points out how important these conversations on race are,’’ Hill recalled. “As I began to respond the tears just start falling. I have been so sad every day and I just want to understand and be understood so we can begin to fix it.”

“I’m pretty sure I startled him by seemingly dumping all my emotions on him but his reply was ‘I’m so sorry. And it’s our fault that this is like this.’”

Their conversation continued, and Hill said the heartfelt exchange was “everything I needed,” even though she was crying. As the chat drew to a close, she introduced herself – and was surprised to learn that she had been speaking with Doug Parker, CEO of American... (Read more)