Trump campaign quit Twitter ads because of 'obvious political bias,' Brad Parscale says

Posted 43 days ago


President Trump's reelection campaign managers said social media companies "have it in" for the president and that was among the reasons the campaign quit buying Twitter ads.

"We have known for a long time that social media companies have it in for conservatives in general and President Trump specifically," Brad Parscale said in a statement, chiding content platforms for operating as "arbiters of truth" by censoring or fact-checking shared content.

Parscale said Twitter failed to deal with "lies" shared on the platform by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and "outrageous propaganda claims" by Chinese government-linked accounts, despite adding a "fact-check" to a Trump tweet.

The president accused the company of "stifling FREE SPEECH" after its treatment of his tweet, and Trump said he would respond. On Thursday, he signed an executive order challengin... (Read more)