BREAKING: President Trump Releases Statement On $2 Million Settlement

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 4 days ago

President Trump on Thursday responded to the $2 million settlement he was ordered to pay in relation to the Trump Foundation. Trump said all money acquired through charities were donated and the NY AG is “mischaracterizing” the settlement.
Statement below:


President Trump has been ordered to pay $2 million to nonprofit groups as part of a settlement in a lawsuit alleging he used his charity's funds for personal and political means.

The New York Supreme Court ordered Trump to pay $2 million in damages as part of a settlement stemming from a June 2018 civil lawsuit filed by the state attorney general's office against him, his three eldest children and the Trump Foundation that alleged violations of campaign finance law. The dispute centers on $2.8 million raised by the Trump Foundation at an Iowa fundraiser for military veterans during the 2016 campaign cycle.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla ruled Thursday that the money was used for Trump's campaign and disbursed by his campaign staff rather than by the charity itself.

How low are Dems trying to go? They got nothing better to do than to smear him for donating money.