‘Squad Member’ To Break The Line And Endorse Elizabeth Warren

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Posted 6 days ago


“Squad” member, Ayanna Presley is breaking rank and will be endorsing Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie like the rest of the squad.

From Buzzfeednews

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ayanna Pressley is endorsing Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president, breaking with the other members of “The Squad” who backed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign last month.

Pressley announced her support for her fellow Massachusetts Democrat in a video released Wednesday.

The endorsement ended months of speculation about Pressley’s plans, and places one of the rising political stars of the Democratic Party in Warren’s camp at critical stretch. Several other candidates, including Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, are fighting for undecided black voters in an effort to close the gap with former vice president Joe Biden.

As if to nod to Biden’s prolific use of the phrase, Pressley delivered a familiar line: “This election is a fight for the very soul of our nation.”


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