80’s Child Sex Cult Covered Up By U.S. Intelligence Agencies Has Been Exposed!

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The Finders – 80’s Child Sex Cult Covered Up By U.S. Intelligence Agencies Exposed

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Late last month, the FBI Records Vault released declassified documents on “The Finders”. The documents reveal a rabbit hole regarding a U.S. intelligence cover-up of child sex abuse, ritual sacrifice, and much more concerning a cult called “The Finders”.

Very early in the document, the text specifies that the investigation took a look into whether the United States Intelligence Community played a role in the sexual abuse of children perpetrated by The Finders. Further reading details that investigators believed that “the abuse was part of a large, well organized scheme“.

Preliminary investigation of The Finders saw prosecution declined in 1987. During a search of their properties, computer equipment and files containing instructions for obtaining children were found. Female members were impregnated solely to sell, purchase, trade, and kidnap kids.

Back as far as 1987, the FBI covered up the sexual abuse of children.

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