Elderly Immigrant Woman’s Pro-Trump Brick Removed From New Smyrna Beach Sidewalk After “Complaints”

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Posted 10 days ago

A brick supporting President Donald Trump has been removed from a sidewalk in New Smyrna Beach, angering one woman.


From clickorlando.com

The removal of a personalized brick from a sidewalk on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach has sparked controversy.

Afien Casey, 80, purchased a brick through Flagler Avenue Business Association with the inscription "Trump 2020, Drain Swamp, Brandon and Oma."

"I can't believe it! Nobody called me to say that there was any problem, I didn't know," Casey said.

Casey said she came up with the message on the brick with her 14-year-old great-grandson a year ago and had no idea her message was a problem.

"They said. Well we had to remove it because somebody had complained about the brick, and that it was offensive to them," Casey said.

The New Smyrna Beach resident said her daughter, who works at a business in front of where the brick was removed, notified her about the removal.

"Our First Amendment right gives us the right of speech and written word but it does not give other people the right to just take away from you," Casey said.

The Flagler Avenue Business Association sent a statement which reads in part, "At the next meeting, we will discuss guidelines for brick messages which will be in concert with community stakeholders along with already established guidelines from other downtown districts with similar programs."